Anonymous asked: Hello, im a fellow infp & i was wondering how do you as an infp make it successfully in life? What I mean by that is finding a career & being financially stable but still being satisfied with whatever you do?

You guys. Some of these questions are insane. I don’t think ANYONE ever figures out the golden ticket to careers and financial stability and eternal satisfaction with your place in life. You just gotta tough that shit out, mostly, regardless of personality types. 

indigo-runs asked: To the anon with the 'thick headed, 'problem'..' I know exactly how you feel. I have undifferentiated schizophrenia and that happens to me all the time. People get angry because they think I'm not listening and scared when I go quiet to think or zone completely out. Feels like being shrouded in a thick fog. Feel free to inbox me, if you want someone to talk about it too. 💜

Anonymous asked: Ok... I don't really know but once my friend told me I was thick-headed because I turned silent after she asked me a question that I needed time to think. She said that it was 'scary' that I just did not know how to reply her. Is there a problem with me or something?

Your friend sounds like a bitch.