Anonymous said: hello :) i have a question here, ummm, have ever been in a romantic relationship with an entj? if so, what are the pros and cons? thanks :))

Here ya go.

Anonymous said: YOU'RE ALIVE! [HUG]

:)))))) I am, more or less. I’ve wildly, whole-heartedly, sincerely appreciated every single one of your guys’ concerned messages. They made me feel very fuzzy inside and encouraged! [nuzzles you forever]


Hi guys, 

Just wanted to let you know I’m getting all your questions and reading them. I’m in the middle of moving back into school and dealing with some of my own overwhelming personal issues, but please know I’m getting all your messages and I’ll try to respond to them as soon as I can. Not sure when that may be. I hope almost-fall is treating you all really wonderfully.



Definitely this. Keep your chin up!

Definitely this. Keep your chin up!

Anonymous said: So I've just started college (it's my third weekend here). I'm having a terribly difficult time making friends. I mean, I've met people I get along with, and my roommate and I get on fine, but I don't really hang out with them much. I'm just so lonely, and I want to go home. I've never felt as lonely as I do now. What do I do?

You tough it out. That’s all there is to do. It will get better. And I know that phrase is about as canned as they get, but you need to believe me. It will either get better this year, or it will get better second year. But definitely don’t give up by third week, and don’t forget that there are hundreds if not thousands of others at your school feeling the exact same thing. It may take you a couple more years to find your niche and find your kindred spirits, but do what you have to to hold on. You’ve got this.